About Sandy

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Sandy handing a diploma to her daughter on graduation from Smithville High School, where Sandy serves on the School Board.

For many years, I have been interested in how our government can help our community. As a child, watching my mother engage in political issues during the 1960’s taught me early on the importance of civic values and participation in our democratic process.¬†However it was the veto session of 2013 that served as the catalyst for this campaign.

My career was spent in the classroom as a teacher, working every day to train our children to get the jobs of tomorrow. For several years, I have also been a member of the Smithville School District Board of Education, fighting to empower our children and teachers and to keep our schools great. Unfortunately, the members of our State Legislature have shown no such leadership and have even taken steps to harm our schools, our children’s future, and our community.

When the State Legislature decided to override the veto of HS 253 and enact massive taxVan Wagner 2014 - Direct Mail Photo 7 cuts for the largest corporations, they took that money from our schools and showed us all who they value. The school districts in our community- the 12th District- are the largest employers. Without full funding not only will our children lose the valuable education they need to compete in an increasingly competitive marketplace but our neighbors who work at our schools as teachers and support staff will lose their jobs. When we give our tax dollars away, they don’t come back and then we all lose.

I hope you’ll join me in supporting a better tomorrow for our schools and our neighborhoods. Vote November 4th for our jobs, our schools and our community. Vote Sandy van Wagner.



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